About me

I am a free spirit and fun photographer who loves to create art . Photography is my favorite medium and I love to tell a story via photographs. 

After picking up my first camera when I was 9 years old, I was never able to let go of the excitement of creating memories. Sports photography is a thrilling subject because of the eternal action. I also love photographing weddings, I want your special day to be stress free as I capture your moments and memories. I enjoy photographing families and children I want to be the photographer that you call with each milestone, from you wedding day to your 60th wedding anniversary and all the moments in the middle.

When I am not photographing fun clients, I find myrself  spending time with my children and traveling to photograph landscapes.

About the photos

The example photos loaded with this site are the property and work of the talanted photographer Joan Veenstra of JC Photography. 

Contact Info

Phone: 708.955.9072   email: joan@jcphotoservices.com   www.facebook.com/jcphotoservices

About the site

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